Custom orders
We produce mirrors and other glass products according to various measurements and your preferences.
Glass shelves
All shelves are processed of 4-10 mm thickness and four different types of glass:
- Clear glass;
- Tinted brown glass;
- Tinted gray glass;
- Painted glass (more than 25 colors to choose from).
Glass doors
We manufacture and install glass doors according to your preferences. It may be clear, tinted or painted glass. Glass doors - a perfect solution not only for administrative space, but also for saunas.
Glass souvenirs and constructions
We manufacture according to individual orders. We can create glass awards according to your drawings.
Frameless glass partitions
When you need to separate rooms, but it is important to maintain a homogeneous space, the best solution is glass. Tempered glass partition can separated bathroom, the kitchen from the living room or the site of the work room. 
Stands for flowers
We manufacture according to individual orders. You can choose any height and any pattern you like. We produce clear, tinted or frosted glass of the chosen color.
Shower enclosures
Shower enclosures are manufactured using toughened glass and stainless steel with good quality fittings. We use 6 mm and 8 mm tempered (clear, tinted, patterned, frosted) glass, high-quality sealing gaskets and fasteners. Use accessories guaranteed showers for leaks, security and durability. If necessary, our craftsmen can make measuring and installation.